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Everyone understands that investing in rental property is an excellent method to generate additional income. Single-family homes can be expensive both to purchase and to rent. Typically, condominiums are less expensive than single-family homes. What are your thoughts on condos? Do you believe that is a suitable spot to start investing your money?

How Do Condos Function?

A condominium is a single-family dwelling within a bigger community or complex. It could be a single condo unit in a multi-story townhouse or a single condo unit in a structure with multiple condo apartments on a higher floor.

You can use your Condo in Jatujak area as an investment property if you rent it to tenants. If you do so, this may make it appear more like an apartment. The value of something depends on who owns it. Each unit has an individual owner. In contrast, the owner of a building rents out individual units.

When someone purchases a condo, they become a homeowner and must pay a monthly maintenance cost (in addition to the purchase price of the condo itself). This fee covers the cost of fixing or replacing things that everyone in the condo uses.

Are Condominiums A Lucrative Investment?

Condominiums can be an excellent investment because they demand less upfront money. This makes it simpler for millennials and members of Generation Z to buy or rent homes. If the apartment is in the correct location and you can find quality tenants, it could be a profitable investment.

To decide if a condo is a good investment, you should use the same criteria you would use to buy any other property. Important considerations are the property’s location and its financial management. The condo’s location is crucial because it will impact the number of potential buyers. Moreover, the property’s return on investment (ROI) must align with your investment objectives.

Some of my real estate holdings consist of single-family homes and others of condominiums. Due to this, I believe a condo could be an excellent long-term investment.


Working with a local real estate agent is an excellent method to begin your search for condominiums to purchase and then rent out as investments. If you don’t want to hire a property management company to find and talk to tenants, you should be able to take care of your property on your own.

Condo in Jatujak area (คอน โดย่านจตุจักร, which is the term in Thai) can also be purchased through one of the several real estate crowdfunding websites. As the demand for “fractions” of larger properties has increased, so has the number of businesses that provide them. Condominiums are another common sort of real estate investment made through crowdfunding platforms.

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