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Presently, vodka tampons are widely used by youngsters as they find it trendy and the most effective way to get drunk quickly. It is because the components of the alcoholic drink reach the bloodstream quickly. Some even say that it is a myth that young women have started using vodka tampons. 

Addiction has paved its way in millions of people’s lives through many modes. In this digital era, people experimenting with innovative ideas of getting addicted to abused substance isn’t a surprise. The usage of alcohol soaked tampons is one of them. The only way to get rid of addiction forever is to join well-acclaimed rehab centers like Detox to Rehab which provide ample options for addiction treatment programs. 

Vodka Soaked Tampon Is A Myth Or A Fact: 

It can’t be clearly answered however if the ladies do use such a tampon then it is quite unethical and sure to harm their health. It is going to be quite uncomfortable to wear a wet tampon so, it isn’t possible for anyone to use it for a long time. Moreover, the tampon can hold only ten millimeters of fluid, thus the quantity isn’t enough to get the person to realize the euphoric effects of vodka. Woman folk may do such acts for varied reasons however there isn’t any evidence that using vodka-soaked tampons is in trend. 

The Reasons For Adapting Such An Unhygienic Thing To Do: 

  • They want to realize the euphoric effect of alcohol fast. 
  • They don’t want the alcohol smell on their breath as it may degrade their living standard before others. 
  • No smell of alcohol on their breath or mouth means that they can pass the Breathalyzer test clearly. 
  • They can avoid a hangover to an extent. 
  • They don’t need to worry about the excess calories that are present in the liquor. 

It is best to drink vodka in limited quantity rather than applying vodka soaked tampon into your private parts to get the desired effects.

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