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The SIG Sauer factory parts for the P320 are designed and engineered to exacting standards, so you can be confident that they will work properly. Shop the complete line of extended mags, pistol braces, grip frame modules, and more.

The SIG P320 is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable striker-fired pistol. Its design avoids some issues plaguing the P250, and is a fine shooter.

P320 Slide

The P320 slide is the critical component of any SIG Sauer pistol. 

It is also cut for the Trijicon RMR (requires sealing plate) footprint. Unfortunately, it does not come with the 6-40 screws needed for that footprint, so you must purchase those from SIG Sauer factory parts for sale.

P320 Barrel

The SIG P320 barrel is one of the most customizable components in your pistol. It allows you to add accessories that enhance your shooting experience and improve the overall performance of your weapon.

You have many options for a threaded barrel for your SIG P320. However, there are some things you should consider before choosing a barrel for your gun.

First, consider whether you will use a suppressor with your P320. If you do, you’ll want a threaded barrel that can accept muzzle devices quickly and smoothly.

P320 Frame

SIG Sauer has always designed the P320 to be modular and user-configurable. However, the problem was that modifying a pistol at home or sending it off to a custom shop cost time and money, often at the expense of discarding parts from the factory.

P320 Trigger

The trigger on the P320 is a flat-faced design, which is quite different. The flat-faced trigger design is supposed to deliver a shorter trigger reach and a natural resting position for the shooter’s finger.

P320 Grip

The P320 grip is a vital part of the handgun’s frame. It fully encloses the fire control unit and hosts the slide, barrel, and magazine.

Grip modules are a great way to customize your pistol without completely replacing all the parts. They’re also easy to swap out and require no special tools.

P320 Magazines

The P320 is a modular pistol, meaning you can easily change barrels, slides, frames, and magazines to accommodate various calibers. As a result, it is excellent for supply chains and at-home customization benefits for gun owners looking to stretch their budgets.

The standard magazine for the P320 is a flush-fit 17-round metal mag. You can also get extended mags with a 21-round capacity. 

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