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BBQs 2u have been precise in picking the BBQs for their inventory since 2002. Located in Abersoch, they sell and stock extensive BBQS and accessories from across the world’s best BBQ brands Kamado Joe, Napoleon, and Masterbuilt. They provide free delivery on orders over £100.00 and many seasonal discounts and free gifts. You can chat live with their customer service to clarify your doubts and queries.

BBQs 2u have broad barbequing knowledge through years of experience. They have introduced the MasterBuilt Portable BBQs to upgrade and ease your BBQ party with more innovative technology. Masterbuilt is the US most opted BBQ brand due to its exciting BBQs and its variants like the Gravity Series and the portable grills. They have small to large BBQs for party with any amount of guests.

The Masterbuilt Portable Charcoal grill is priced at £279.00 and measures 45 inches wide, 36 inches high, and 19 inches long. For your convenience and comfort, the grill has two side shelves and beverage holders that give you an extra preparation space. It has spacious cooking area spread over 200 sq. inches. This gives an elegant outdoor cooking experience.

Barbequing with the Portable Masterbuilt Charcoal Grill provides an undeniable brilliant flavoured charcoal with the comfort of an outdoor gas grilling. You are also free from the hassles of manual operations, which also aids to avoid burning meat due to your most likely party activities. The grill has a SteadyTemp™ dial to set and maintain desired temperature.

The SteadyTemp™ dial has removed the need of manual temperature adjustments, which was previously an unconventional and inconvenient way. You can search the portable grill in the search box on BBQs 2u website with the product reference code MB20040622.

This grill has few unique features and is affordable to start grilling and learning the barbequing techniques before you buy any masterpiece BBQ from Masterbuilt.

The Masterbuilt portable grill also features a charcoal MiniHopper to hold 1.5lbs of briquettes or 1lb of tiny lump charcoal. The charcoal MiniHopper facilitates the supply of charcoal for 4 hours of continuous cooking. The grill has a lockable lid to lock securely and move it after cooking without the need of unhygienic disposal of charcoal ashes on site. This makes it eco-friendly in nature.

To enjoy and have fun at your BBQ party, the Masterbuilt Portable Grill has an option to electrically power your grill with cord set or AA batteries. This provides 6 hours of power supply for grilling on the go.

It is really a useful feature when you shortfall of charcoal or have damp charcoal issues far in the woods. Hence, grilling with the MasterBuilt Portable BBQ is worth your hard earned investment.

BBQs 2u is also offering huge spring discounts on various Masterbuilt products and accessories. You can browse the BBQs 2u blog webpage to find few useful BBQ recipes to spice up your spring weekend party with friends in your backyard. On the other hand, Masterbuilt is rigorously working to provide the best BBQs designed with digitally advanced technology.

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